Liberty Ammunition’s New 70gr 10mm OverWatch Defense Ammo

Liberty Ammunition recently capitalized on the idea that lightweight bullets moving at high speed make a harder impact. For this reason, Liberty created the OverWatch line, starting with a handful of calibers, now joined by the 10mm. The line was originally developed at the request of an unnamed government agency. However, it is now available to the public as self-defense ammunition.

Liberty Ammunition OverWatch 10mm Defense Ammo

Housed within a nickel-plated brass casing, the 10mm round comes in a lightweight 70 grains. The lead-free round boasts a velocity of 2150 FPS with a muzzle energy of 719 ft-lbs. For this reason, the company claims that the round is 80% faster than some competitors and hits harder than nearly everything in its class. In addition, the 10mm round is lightweight for concealed carry.

Unlike Liberty’s Civil Defense line, which ruptures almost immediately, the OverWatch penetrates barriers and ruptures 3-4 inches in soft tissue. Likewise, Liberty OverWatch displaces organs and offers terminal performance, stopping the threat immediately. According to the company, there is no such thing as a flesh wound with Liberty Ammunition.

The 10mm round features an “Open Cavity Design” (OCD) with a “Maximum Organ Displacement” (MOD) feature. According to retailer reports, once the large cavity enters fluid, it builds hydraulic pressure that leads to an explosion, causing temporary cavities and hydrostatic shock. As a result, this amplifies stopping power.

Following the “explosion,” the bullet fragments into a starburst-shaped pattern and creates multiple would channels. This significantly reduces the risk of overpenetration, which is an important consideration in home defense ammunition.

“Liberty OverWatch is available in key calibers for civilians, law enforcement, and government agencies. Our products are available through our distributor network, and we remain committed to being the best self-defense ammunition on the market,” said Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition.


Liberty OverWatch 10mm is available now, with an MSRP of $48.68 for a 20-count box. For more info, please visit

Liberty OverWatch 10mm Specs

Caliber: 10mm
Projectile: Hollow Point
Grains: 70
Pack Quantity: 20
Bullet Type: Open Cavity Design
Cartridge Case: Nickel-Plated Brass
Lead-Free: Yes
Type: Centerfire
Use: Defense
Muzzle Velocity: 2150 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 718 ft-lbs
MSRP: $48.68

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